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Finding an Agent, Contracts
and Money Matters

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend a lot of money on professional pictures before trying to obtain an agent. All you need to do is take a few inexpensive snapshots - one headshot and one full body shot.

Most larger agencies have open calls. Meaning, you can go for a free "audition" with them. Just give them a ring and find out the times. You can get in touch with some reputable local agents by finding them through Web sites. There's an agency listing here at Venus Divas, and also at modelnetwork.

stephanie zehr
Plus Model, Stephanie Zehr

If finding a good agency means calling the Better Business Bureau, to check for complaints against agencies, then do it! And remember, there is never a fee to join a legitimate agency.

After meeting with a reputable agency(s), they will tell you if you have a marketable look. If you are rejected by the first agency, feel free to check with others.

When signing a contract with an agency, consider this.....

Not all contracts are the same. There are some differences. There is what is called "Exclusive" and "Non-Exclusive", also there is a freelance contractual agreement. I recommend that if you are signing with a large agency, you should have your contract looked at by a lawyer, or someone you trust that knows legal terminology.

Exclusive - this means that the agency has exclusive rights to you. It is your mother agency. If you were to have an exclusive agent in NY, and wished to sign with another agent in Miami or Chicago, not only would you need your mother agencies permission, but they could also charge that other agency a percentage from any job you might obtain with that agent.

Non-exclusive - means that you can get work on your own, without the knowledge of your agent. They have no legal right to ask for percentages off of work that they did not get for you. As a courtesy I would tell your non-exclusive agent, if you are planning to acquire an agent in a different city and/or state.

Freelance - You basically work when they call and the only thing they have rights to is the percentage fee off the work they get for you.

How does an agency make money?
Most agencies deduct between 15 & 20% from your pay, for each job. Example, say you get work that pays $150, the agent will automatically deduct $27.00 from your check, if their fee was 18%. Anything higher than a 20% rate, I would think twice!

Stephanie started her career as a curvy model back in 1995 when she was a contestant in the Plus USA Pageant in Chicago. She was crowned Ms. Photogenic and Division 1 Winner. As luck would have it, sitting in the audience was an agent from the prestigious Wilhelmina Modeling Agency - the rest is history!

Stephanie has since modeled for an impressive list of clients both in her local market of North Carolina as well as in New York and is currently the new spokesperson for BBW Magazine.


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