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Meet Plus Size Model Lisa Scott

Native New Yorker, Lisa Scott, is living the career most aspiring models only dream of. Lisa has graced the pages of numerous magazines such as Essence, Bell and Mode. With countless TV appearances and years of experience behind her, she still possesses the freshness clients are always looking for.

plus size modeling
lisa scott
(First tear in Essence)

While shooting on location on a very hot and humid day in New York City, Lisa displayed the very reason why she has remained a successful working model. Her love affair with the camera was never broken and the images were nothing short of amazing.  Speaking with Lisa between changes, I learned that she has been modeling since the age of 19, traveled overseas and maintains a loving home for her husband Eric and two sons.

I want to thank Lisa Scott for opening up her time and life for our readers:

[Maddy] How did your modeling career begin?

[Lisa] I started my career at the age of 19 with the now defunct Plus Models. Modeling was never a career I aspired to have - to say it was a fluke is an understatement. I was attending my sophomore semester at John Jay College and working part time at MHT Bank as a teller, when my Mom showed me an advertisement in the Newspaper. Big Beauties Modeling Agency was seeking women size 12-20 my mom thought this would be great for me.  I went to the casting but the owner of the agency had second thoughts about signing me. During the casting I heard about another agency so I decided to check them out. I was told to go test with a professional photographer and bring back the images. Several weeks later I walked in with the images and was given a contract immediately. It took one year of go-sees before I booked my first catalogue and the rest is history.

[Maddy] Tell me about the steps you have taken and still take to ensure your career in the modeling industry.

[Lisa] I think I have remained in this business this long because I truly love everything about the camera! I love being photographed and filmed. It’s become second nature to me. I pride myself in my work and taking a good picture in order to give the client exactly what they want. In this industry you have to stay fresh so I try to change my hair often and get a new comp headshot to show the clients I can be versatile. I also only work with agents who are not afraid to send me to clients who normally would not look at a size 16. It’s very important that your booker is not afraid to make waves so to speak. I have had clients make exceptions and get the outfit in my size.  I also listen to what my bookers tell me for instance if they hate my hair I change it I don't try to push it. 
plus model lisa scott(First Tear -- age 20)

I remember I was wearing my hair red for a year I loved it but was told it’s to limiting I changed it and was immediately booked for a spot on the View. They were so happy when I came with brown hair. Models need to LISTEN! 

[Maddy] Is there one particular experience you remember the most or was a turning point in your career?

[Lisa] There was really no turning point in my career, it has been an evolution  I have stayed observant and learned as I was progressing.

[Maddy] Tell me about your past and present clients?

[Lisa] Past favorite clients have been Catherine's, Fashion Bug and JC Penny because it always involved traveling and we all looked forward to seeing each other. Present favorites are definitely JMS who I am on tour with because now a days with two children time is extremely important and not as flexible. With JMS I know exactly what dates I’m needed in advance. I also love working for United Retail, Sears and fitting for Ashley Stewart because I get to see some of the clothes in advance. I also have been standing in for Queen Latifah and Star Jones on her Payless commercials. I love standing in for the both of them. I have appeared in Dillards, Filenes, Bergmans, Parisians, Macy's West, Nordstroms and my best booking so far was to Greece to shoot a catalog.

[Maddy] Do you have a favorite photograph of yourself? If so, why is it your favorite?

[Lisa] I have three favorite photos. The first is my first catalog booking - it shows my youth. The second is an editorial page from Essence Magazine it was my second booking with them I was still very young and the fashion Editor Ionia Dunn Lee use to push me to get the picture she wanted. She taught me how to move in front of the camera. The third is my last tear sheet taken a couple of months ago. I think I look so womanly but I still see the 19yr. old excited girl in my eyes. 

[Maddy] What changes have you seen in the modeling industry over the last ten years?

[Lisa] Wow! I have seen so many differences. First I hardly see any girls I started with. I see so many new girls. It’s really interesting that I see the same straight size models that started around the time I did like Naomi, Louise, Cindy and Tyra. It’s wonderful to see all the great photos in stores like Lane Bryant, Avenue and Ashley because ten years ago you did not see this. The plus market is growing and getting better and better with greater opportunities for the young models that are just starting their careers.

[Maddy] What is your advice to aspiring plus size models?

[Lisa] My advice to aspiring plus models is to go into this market with your eyes wide open. Don't compromise your integrity. Be honest with your agents and tell them your availability and limitations, if any. Research what is available for your specifications. Will you be doing print, Runway Shows, Fit, Showroom or informal?  What do they think your strong points are? How will they market you?  Are you comfortable with yourself and assertive enough to say no if you have to? Can you take criticism and critiques?  I hate to end with a cliche, "But only the strong Survive."

about maddy figueroa

Maddy hails from a close-knit NYC family and started her plus size modeling career in BBW Magazine. In early 2003 Figueroa was selected to appear as the spokesmodel for the "Hips, Heels & Curves" Fashion Show, continuing on to casting director for the Dangerous Curves 2003/2004 Tour. She most recently appeared on a fashion segment for Aqui Y Ahora for Univision and currently serves as a modeling moderator for the community and one of the 'Empowerment' Editors-at-Large for AmaZe magazine. Maddy also wears the hat of stylist for up and coming models in the New York City area and resides in Battery Park, NYC with her husband & photographer, Luke, and their cat.

maddy figueroa


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