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Meet Plus Size Model Mia Amber Davis

With her mother, family and long time boyfriend by her side Mia Amber Davis has accomplished what many industry professionals said she would never accomplish simply because statistically she is not a “cookie cutter” image of what women want to see. REALLY?  As the newest face of the Ashley Stewart Great Woman of Style; Mia’s career in on a fast track and proving all the doubters wrong.

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mia amber davis


As I listened to her speak about the ups and downs she has encountered, I realize where her strength stems from. Living through a horrific car accident was more than just a miracle. It changed her life and caused her to leave her secure position as a television producer to pursue her dream of acting and modeling. 

I hope that my interview with Mia will help you identify with this beautiful and passionate woman as she represents the “real” curvy woman.

[Maddy] Until now you were best known for your role as Rhonda in the movie Road Trip. Tell me about your experience filming the movie and what you learned about the business and yourself during that time.

[Mia] Road Trip was the experience of a lifetime. As soon as I was cast the realization hit me that at 300lbs I had agreed to strip down to a leopard print bra and panty set for the entire world to see!  Rhonda was so very different than I was but through her I learned how far I was willing to go to try to change the perception of the “fat” girl on campus from that of a pitiful tag along to seductive party girl.  Also, I learned that acting was something I’d always harbored a deep down desire to do. This may sound corny but Rhonda changed my life! 

[Maddy] After so many years studying “the industry” and now working in the industry, who is your favorite designer and role model?

[Mia] I love Richard Metgzger.  He was the first designer who I recognized as not afraid to dress the full figured woman in silks, furs and fine fabrics.  He also has a passion for designs that can be seen in his work and in the way he appreciates the female form.  Richard’s designs don’t seem to be cut from patterns -- they fit like they’re custom made!  Wearing one of his designs is an experience. My all time greatest role model in the modeling world is Tyra banks.  She is known as a Model, Actor and Producer and those are the same credentials that I hold and aim to build upon. Tyra has turned her name into a brand and I am trying to learn from her example.

mia amber davis in roadtrip
Mia on the set of Road Trip

[Maddy] What was it like to see yourself in the in-store and online Ashley Stewart Advertisements?

[Mia] Being a model for Ashley Stewart Stores is a blessing of a dream come true.  As a full figured teen, there weren’t many places for me to shop where I could feel comfortable and like I belonged there.  With the advent of stores like Ashley Stewart, I felt like I was at home.  I always admired the beauty of the AS models who came before me and now to be considered a peer to those fabulous women and role models is completely surreal to me.

[Maddy] How do you feel society currently views plus size women? How can we make a difference as individuals?

[Mia] I think society doesn’t see plus-sized women and that’s the problem.  Statistically we make up an astronomical portion of this country yet we’re invisible to the masses.  Only recently have we begun to get the attention we deserve alongside our “skinny” counterparts.  The Dove beauty campaign shed a lot of light on the fact that real women do indeed have curves. Kate Dillion in Vogue Magazine a couple of seasons ago was inspiring. Crystal Renn in fashion week for Jean Paul Gaultier – outstanding! 

What we need to do to make a difference is stop taking the second class citizenship as a fact of life. We don’t deserve equal treatment because we don’t wear a size 2? Please!  If a store doesn’t carry plus sizes ask the managers or buyers why not?  If a store used to carry plus sizes and has pulled them from their stores without explanation ask for one or stop shopping there for everything! No accessories, gifts for your straight sized friends, perfume, shoes—nothing!  Our full figured dollar is just as valuable as anyone else’s is and as soon as we realize that we will be unstoppable.

[Maddy] Give me one sentence that describes Mia.

[Mia] Mia Amber Davis is a woman on the verge

*Please contact Venusdivas if you would like contact information on Mia Davis.*

about maddy figueroa

Maddy hails from a close-knit NYC family and started her plus size modeling career in BBW Magazine. In early 2003 Figueroa was selected to appear as the spokesmodel for the "Hips, Heels & Curves" Fashion Show, continuing on to casting director for the Dangerous Curves 2003/2004 Tour. She most recently appeared on a fashion segment for Aqui Y Ahora for Univision and currently serves as a modeling moderator for the community and one of the 'Empowerment' Editors-at-Large for AmaZe magazine. Maddy also wears the hat of stylist for up and coming models in the New York City area and resides in Battery Park, NYC with her husband & photographer, Luke, and their cat.

maddy figueroa


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