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After a season of embellishment and getting your glitter on, makeup is now going back to the basics: natural colors, healthy ingredients, and a little warmth on the face.  Look for simple shiny eyes, pink chinks, and sheer pouts -- a very good match for the soft, feminine styles we’re seeing this spring.  And it’s makeup, darn it, so it’s got to be good!

A lot of product lines make the “natural” claim.  But in the same way you shop for “natural” food or “natural” hair dye (an oxymoron if there ever was one), you really need to read cosmetics labels carefully to make sure you’re getting the real deal, free of preservatives and man-made chemicals.

Friends swore to me that BARE  ESCENTUALS was the best way to go ‘au natural’.  If 7 million women are powdering up with this brand, they can’t be wrong.  The idea is to get rid of heavy foundation and cover-up and create the image of “beautiful, bare skin.”  Statistics show that the line is actually good for your skin; Bare claims that the overall condition of users’ skin improved by 49%.  Because Bare’s Escentual’s shadows have no preservatives, fragrances, binders, or dyes, they’re a good choice for contact wearers (just remember to throw out these powders with more frequency than your drawer full of well-preserved drugstore brands).

I started out with the |1| Bare Minerals Get Started Kit that includes a CD with a little how-to guide from its CEO, Leslie Blodgett.  I felt just like a 50’s housewife as my own personal digital Avon lady showed me how to prep, color and tone my skin using some really fabulous powders and brushes.  I ended up with a light, smooth complexion, and a glow that made me look like I’d just had…um, dinner.  Now I’m waiting for one sultry spring night to go to sleep with Bare Escentuals on my face and wake up zit-free.

Other products to get you started:  the 3-piece |2| High on Life Face Enhancing Kit ($32.50), and the |3| Wearable Lip Kit ($30) that will amazing match any skin or hair color.  Available at or 1-888-795-4747.

A company trying to give Bare Escentuals a run for its money is EMANI PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS.   If you’ve ever had the sinking feeling that your (oh, I know it’s a dirty phrase, but…) adult acne is being caused by your makeup or brushes, Emani could help you out.  This full line of cosmetics bares (hint, hint) a remarkable similarity to Bare Escentuals, but also offers a liquid foundation, pressed powder bronzer, and lip gloss sealer.  Emani has many color selections, but fewer skin tone options.  Still, gotta give it up for the underdog, especially when it is “free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.”  Try Emani’s Pressed Mineral Bronzers ($22) to brighten your face on a gloomy spring afternoon at:

But sexy and safe makeup doesn’t stop there – a new line for Spring 2006 is called MESS MAKEUP.  It’s another full collection of high-end mineral makeup, and makeup artists’ tools.  Last issue I mentioned their best-selling Sunless Tanner, but it’s definitely worth some playtime with their dramatic eye and cheek colors.  All of my friends were buzzing about Mess Lip Gloss, which made every girl I saw look perfectly kiss-licious.  Their Website is still under construction, but call 212-643-3188 if you want to be the first MESS on your block.


Another fabulous natural line that we’ve recommended before is EccoBella – remember how you wanted to take a bite out of their chocolate bath line? Well, the next thing you have to try is EccoBella’s FlowerColor Eye Shadows.

Each one has a little magnet on the back, so you can fill up their four-piece Duo Compact with your faves (you know how pre-made palates always have three colors you like, and one that’s like, “What is that doing in here?”). I tried the very natural shades Fawn, Vanilla, and Heather with a little FlowerColor Shimmer Dust in Sun to give a glow to my cheek – and you know I enhanced the décolletage a touch as well. EccoBella has added “flower wax” to these products, so they will protect skin from the sun and last for a whole day as well. I think flower wax must be some sort of environmentally safe Krazy Glue, because the colors were as just as rich when I took the makeup off as when I’d applied it. Women with dark complexions, who might be looking for deep pigmentation without feeling like they’re applying straight-up chemicals to their lids, will really appreciate FlowerColors. And, as ever, EccoBella does no animal testing, and recycles their packaging, including the 100 % Animal-free Blush Brush. Ciao, Bella!

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