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plus size fashion direction for spring 2006

After seasons of brilliant hits of orange, yellows and blues the color palette this spring shifts dramatically into more neutral hues. To create a more modern look we see the creamy color of ivory's, tans, pebbles and beige tones looking 'newer' with the hints of blush tone pinks that are available to be mixed into any neutral outfit you choose to create. Of course there are the contrasting basics of black and navy and even browns - especially in the pantsuits that are the polished clean urban look of the season!

Trousers abound and beautifully textured shirts from tunics styles to dresses as well as the usual silhouettes - but with a twist of romanticism in lace, pleating, embroidery details to make things freshen up. White is showing up with the shirting and Victoriana craze and the suiting looks quite fresh - as long as you pop it with some hints of color - be it a great top or some fantastic accessories.

Let's not forget the return to prints down the fabulous ethnic route (which is perfect for that natural palette) - As well as the florals springing up that feel dipped in water and softened for a more muted tone and are perfect for all those dresses sprouting up in every shape and length. The 60's are definitely reminiscent as well - tops with paisleys and graphics in black and white with hits of grey and the hot color of the season - RED.

Let's talk about the new shapes girls! Dresses are taking the lead as the uniform for the spring look and you'll find A-lines (perfect for most every shape!), empire waists (best if you don't carry to much fullness in your tummy area), flutter sleeves (think Memoirs of a Geisha kimono sleeves as well for drama!), and the mod look from the 60's being just above the knee. Bermuda shorts worn with cropped blazers for work, shirts flowing and wedge heels are a must! If you have a great hourglass shape and want to highlight your waistline you have a lot of belts to choose from to play up your waspish asset!

Last but not least, the pantsuit is a huge hit - But you do not always have to match the jacket to the narrow silhouette leg pant (or if you have a fuller thigh and behind - try the wide leg version.) If you want to create a more modern romantic tone pair with a flowing camisole layered underneath with beading in wood or embroidery. Don't be surprised to see T-shirts with messages in a subtle tone return for the younger set to wear under a suit jacket. Metallic prints and even skulls for a touch of piracy are being worn for a personal flair.

plus size fashion spring 2006

BUT in the end - Remember it's all about mixing textures and looking for a great 'Jackie O' fly-away shaped 3/4 sleeve coats and cropped shape blazers to wear with a pencil skirt and deep V-neck top or lightweight sweater - and don't give up those jeans in a dark denim to take that coat from work to evening as well! Just make sure you have a fabulous big oversize bag for day in a hot color to pop that look. To take that silhouette to new heights - do heels in platforms and wedges for all your looks, even your flats can have a little touch of a wedge or kitten heel, please! Lengthen, lengthen ladies! And dance into spring!

Model: Megan
Wilhelmina 10/20 Division, NYC
Photographer: Rick Day

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