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Winner Crystal Pierson 'Sounds Off'

I just want all the ladies out there to know, there are handsome, normal guys who love a curvy gal.

I have been a Curvy Diva since I was 14, although back then I was just considered "fat." I dated in high school and college and was even engaged to a man who loved my curves, the problem was --- he decided he did not like girls --- I dodged that bullet. The next year, I was seeing a man who again thought my curves were great, but there was never any chemistry. I wanted to be head over heels in love and I had never had that feeling before.

Crystal Pierson and hubby

I met a man on AOL on election day 1996. It was a "friend" chat room. This was the first time I had ever used my computer and the internet for that matter. We started talking and with a few weeks exchanged numbers. He wanted to visit at Christmas, but I chickened out. Well, he won me over and flew to Arkansas (from Maryland) in January. Within 24 hrs of meeting, we were engaged. I flew to Maryland in February to meet his parents and he did the ring/one knee presentation.

We married in June 1997 --- I was about an 18/20 then. Over the next few years I gained weight. I was about a size 30. Never ONCE did my husband mention my weight --- NEVER EVER! Even when I said I was just so "Fat," he would say, "You are beautiful."

In June of 2004, we decided to change our eating habits (he gained about 50 lbs of his own) in hopes it would help my recent diagnosis with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). By November, I had lost 65lbs and he had lost 50 as well. Unfortunately, we lost our first pregnancy in November as well. My husband comforted and took care of me during this rough time.

We are slimmer (although I am still a fierce, Curvy Diva) and will be welcoming our child in April 2006. My husband has been taking care of me --- doing housework, laundry, even cooking dinner. I have an AmaZing mate --- who happens to be pretty hot! He thinks everything I wear or do is "Cute" or "Sexy."

So Ladies, don't settle for an OK man --- you can have an AmaZing one!

Signing off in 'Sound Off',

Crystal Pierson


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