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By Madeline Figuera

“Lipstick and Laughter" was held last month at the Mess New York Studio in NYC. The evening was hosted by a new hip makeup company, Mess New York and Max Szadek, founder of Divabetic. The outreach promised to inform those living with diabetes better ways of living with the disease as well as bringing information to the families and loved ones of those with diabetes.

As I was given the grand tour of the venue I was impressed by the salon’s uniqueness.  Makeup stations outlined the main area of the salon and overlook a beautiful display of the Mess New York make-up collections. A photo studio is adjacent to the hair processing center which offers the top of the line service in color/styling and they offer makeup application classes to up and coming makeup artists as well as regular women like you and I.  

Divabetic was inspired by Luther Vandross and created by his assistant Max Szadek.  Max believes that Diabetes does not receive the attention needed to inform those that have not yet been diagnosed and those that are currently living with this disease. There are 20.8 million people in the United States who have diabetes. While an estimated 14.6 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, 6.2 million people are unaware that they have the disease. Divabetic offers a wide variety of ways to inform the public and promotes a positive attitude to help build self esteem among people living with diabetes. He has collaborated efforts with The Diabetes Center Of New Jersey, The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association and dLifeTV to name a few.


Divabetic News From Catherine Schuller...

One of the booths I sponsored at my fall Curventures event was Divabetic. The fabulous Max Z. approached me about doing an event to get the first of the year off to a new start with his organization. Max was the long time assistant of the brilliant Luther Vandross and Max took the “V” from Luther’s last name and inserted into the word diabetics and a new way of approaching this disease was born. His mission is to empower women with diabetes and to help them take better care of themselves – emotionally, physically, spiritually, to eliminate the blame and shame associated with their “condition” and to have fun with fashion. Sound like a similar mission statement? We thought so.

With the latest articles which ran in the New York Times in 2005/2006 on the epidemic of diabetes, it is both Max and my desire to instigate these programs which will shed light on the causes and preventive measures and provide motivational tools to provide necessary inspiration to become a catalyst for a change in attitude about healthy choices and lifestyle advice to increase awareness and help with disseminating information about prevention and treatment. This approach is truly groundbreaking and is not your grandmother’s diabetes organization. This type of outreach is something that everyone talks about doing but no one has been able to initiate until now.

Max opened up the evening by thanking his guests for their support and gave some special guests the opportunity to share words of encouragement. As women received complimentary makeup applications; Divabetic staff sold gift raffles and brought appetizers to all the guests.  Women were encouraged to feel and be beautiful and not let diabetes rob them of living life to the fullest. A performance by R & B singer Esty brought soft loving lyrics to the women in attendance and he even helped to hand out the raffle prizes.

Special guests also included:

  • Choreographer Amy Jordan of Sweet Enuff Diabetic Movement
  • Karen Young of Prevent Blindness Tri-state
  • Catherine Schuller of Curve-style
  • Rochelle Stern author of Can Mom Have a Piece of My Birthday Cake?
  • Miss Full Figured USA 2004, Melissa Mitchell
  • Miss Full Figured USA 2005Esney Sharp
  • Ms. Full Figured NY 2005 Gilda Jefferson and
  • Joanne Borgella, winner of Monique's FAT CHANCE 2006

The event was a huge success. If you or someone you know is suffering from Diabetes please visit your doctor or call 1-800 DIABETES.

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