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Dress Yourself 'Trend' Best
This Spring 2006


Sometimes the smallest detail of a latest trend can be the perfect touch but sometimes it can send you into fashion-victim land. It’s easy though to master, if you know the rules to dress modern and trendy without looking like a walking fashion mistake. So pick and choose while the trends are hot -- but choose as a grand storyline, not an awful caricature.

Wearing “the” Seasonal Signature Trend

Whatever trend you choose this spring, be in charge with your shape. If you don’t become the owner of your look, who will? Be it with accessories, a colored or patterned pump or with your clothing, make it part of your look and an extension of your personality. The wrap dress is ultra fabulous with the dramatic kimono sleeve for an hourglass busty shape. For changing up the color palette -- try going sophisticated by using a touch of 40’s lingerie pink added to a khaki, linen or brown pantsuit for smart work wear with a textured or embroidered cami showing that fabulous décolleté. Then again a dramatic single pendant instead of lots of longer chains or beads also gives your work look an outfit great flair all the way thru evening.

Keep It Symmetrical

When considering which trends work for you, look at the proportions of the garments and of your body. Gaucho, Bermuda shorts worn with a jacket for work and voluminous skirts are übertrendy right now, but they need to be balanced by the rest of your outfit or you could look like you're wearing a huge sack. Pair full shapes from the waist down with platform shoes or wedge type heels and form-fitting tops to give a sense of symmetry to the silhouette.

One Trend at a Time

"Pick one trend and make it your focus," says New York plus-size designer, Darren Trentacosta. If you're wearing a long full bohemian skirt, a wide belt, chunky bangles or cuffs in wood and long earring earrings all together, you might want to reconsider the fashion bible’s golden rule, “Take one thing off before you walk out the door.” All those trends just end up canceling each other out, blotting the uniqueness of their distinctive singularities.

Age Yourself Gracefully

That means there are just some trends, like super miniskirts, or sheer breast-flaunting shirts or the super peg leg jeans that are "right" only at a certain body type (Unless you like your legs looking like stuffed sausages, ladies!). We promise you -- You don't have to show tons of skin to be a curvy sexy and contemporary woman. Look for classic trends that suit curvy girls at any age: such as a great coat that can cover your jeans and sweater with heels, as well as paired with a straight skirt and blouse. We think another divine choice for all ages is an elegant dress tank or trapeze dress with an up-to-the-minute pair of heeled sandal or platform shoes. Lastly, we love the strapless dress worn for day by wearing a t-shirt underneath for the younger 20 something

Consult with a Personal Shopper

When in doubt, always ask for help. A lot of women don't realize that a knowledgeable salesperson will be enormously helpful in identifying trends that suit them. Remember, if you don't feel comfortable wearing those low-rise, hipslung jeans, a salesperson will work with you to find medium or high rise styles that are just as trendy.


Models: Wynnetka and Melissa King
Wilhelmina Models 10/20 Division NYC
Photographer: Rick Day


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