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Hope you enjoyed the quiz. Now let me know what you learned! You can reach me at Next issue we’ll share results…. And we’ll talk about what it means and how to use this information now that you have it. Should be fun!!

about liria mersini

Liria Mersini is a popular business and financial strategist in Los Angeles, CA.

A veteran of the curvy community, she first came to national recognition as creator of the acclaimed Cello Clothing line for curvy and super curvy consumers in 1991.

With a distinguished 20 year background in small business development and non-profit leadership, Mersini has for the past several years turned her focus toward demystifying money for herself and her clients. As to the success of her practice, “I teach what I am compelled to learn,” she confides.

Liria joins the AmaZe team as our own curvy business and financial stylist.



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