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It’s Spring and love is in the air… Every spring like clockwork I notice the pizza-delivery guy, the grocery bagger at my local market, and especially that silver haired fox in his titanium Porsche as we wait, side-by-side together, for the light to change. Ah, it must be spring and I must be, well, a girl!

If you’re anything like me, love, flirtation and relationships have been a part of the ritual of spring since at least the 7th grade. Recently I was thinking about those early relationships and realized the one that stands out over all the rest is one I’ve never considered before. My first relationship, my first crush of any real enduring substance, was on money! Money? Yeah, money! All the other dalliances came and went, but money is a keeper -- for better or worse. Think about it. Whether we like it or not, money (and sometimes the lack of it) is in our lives to stay.


I didn’t start out with much. Like many kids who came of age in the late 70’s and early 80’s I was seduced by the idea that greed is good. More money always means more happiness. Once experience debunked that myth I turned my back on money, completely. I felt betrayed by money. I decided to pursue a new path that excluded money. I was going to make a difference and I would not, repeat NOT, consider money. I grew up a lot once I began to re-examine my values and orient my life toward making a difference. In fact, I had a really great relationship with life and a really bad relationship with money. It took losing every cent I had ever earned for me to face, and ultimately heal, that relationship.


Do you have a money story? Deborah Price bet’s that you do! According to Price, founder of the Money Coaching Institute,, writing and understanding your money biography is a key to understanding your money patterns and how you automatically respond in terms of money. Another vital step is to determine your financial style by assessing which of Price's eight "money types" are active in your life right now. Understanding your "money type" provides usable information. A great place to learn and grow from, don't think of these "money types" as simply another label (and another opportunity to become stuck about money). Armed with this knowledge you can begin to actively make conscious choices toward living an empowered financial life. Price makes sense. If you‘re gonna have a relationship with money, and we all do, isn‘t it worth spending a little time and energy understanding and improving that relationship?




Now you have a great resource to do just that. If you want to take your financial awareness as well as your self awareness to another level, I would highly recommend Deborah’s excellent book, Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Wealth and Prosperity

For all of you who wrote last month asking for more guidance about finding your financial style, Deborah shared her Money Type Quiz (courtesy of which is the perfect tool to help you do just that.



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