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» Please, please, please, what's a girl gotta' do to get an actual print copy of this AmaZing and fantastic magazine? Im sure you can do it, with a little encouragement! So I am prepared to have a 'sit-in' at your offices on the East coast, and rally to get this published monthly! I'm tired of the skinny magazines! Lets get a mag with some thickness! Areina C. in RI

» I finally had a little time today to visit the mag’s web site and loved what I saw! Is there a “hard copy” edition? Is the magazine being made available at any South Florida newsstands? Linda H. in FL

phone Print Copy

» Thank you for the AmaZing job in pulling together a talented team who cares so deeply about the curvy woman. I look forward to each and every issue and only wish I had a paper version to read when I am not online. Doris V. in TX

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» I shared the magazine and website with a lot of my friends, all over the US and Europe, and they all love it too! Even though we are "seasoned" women, we still care about how we look and dress. This is a great place for us to be. Lynn T.

email Owning Your Reality

The article Owning Your Reality by Alexandra Boos (Dec/Jan 2005 issue) stuck a familiar cord with me.
I was also left alone by my husband after moving away from my home state to a new one. I can truly thank God that I had Him on my side and the support of my family. I did not fall back on comfort eating or any of my other destructive behaviors because I was too busy surviving. Thankfully, a year later, I have an excellent job and a good home for me and my family. I would encourage any women in this situation to stay strong, grab hold of your support system and march on. Thanks Alexandra for an encouraging article. S. in NC

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» The career potential article with Mr. Myers (Dec/Jan 2005 issue) is AmaZing! I can't wait to read his next article. Thank you so much, the team is doing such a wonderful job to keep us informed and inspired! Maria S. in FL

email Image Consultants

» I was listening to Michele Weston today on Pulse XM Radio. She said if we sent an email to you that you would direct us to image consultants in our area. I'm in the Metro Detroit, MI area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Cherl B. in MI

Hi Cherl :-)

So good to hear from you!

At present, there are only 2 women in the USA who are image consultants, who are members of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), specializing in plus sizes -- Catherine Schuller in NY and Cynthia Sliwa in CA -- we are very fortunate to have them both at AmaZe!

If you find yourself in one of those areas, we could connect you directly with them. If you are looking for an image consultant in your area, we suggest checking the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) website -- they have a listing of certified consultants throughout the USA.

We hope this helps - please let us know.

The AmaZe Team


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