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by krista lida colvin

Live the Life You Imagined

Have you ever lost one of your most cherished earrings?  The ones you wear everyday.  Mine happened to have my theme inscribed on them.  The long silver rectangle with “live the life” held fast in my earlobe, but sometime during a festive summer event, its partner “you imagined,” was left behind. 

“Live the Life you Imagined” was my most recent annual theme.  I stopped making New Year resolutions when I realized they were just a burden on my psyche.  I moved onto themes.  Themes encompass my goals, dreams, and visions rather than the guilt ridden should-do list resolutions carry.  Themes guide me, remind me, and allow me to grow into the person I want to become.

If you aren’t fully living your life, what theme could you find to inspire you and guide you?  What is it that is holding you back?  Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list, don’t have enough time to get things done, or just don’t know where to begin to get your space in order?  Take a moment to reflect on what is holding you back.  Then close your eyes and imagine your life without the hang-ups.  Fabulous life isn’t it?  You can have this life and grow into the person you want to become.  The key is in making it happen. 

I like to take a look at the big picture then break it down into manageable tasks.  I prefer to first conquer the items + areas that rank the lowest on the emotional attachment scale while making a fabulous little impact on your daily life.   For me that space is the bathroom.  It’s simple to toss out old make up and hair products that you never liked or trash the deodorant that never worked.  Try using the top drawer for your morning routine and the second drawer for your nightly routine.  Keep all your hair products in one place along with your dryer and brush.  Streamlining your routine will shave off plenty of time in the morning, allowing you time for your morning coffee.  Most of us tend to be more productive during the day with a little boost from caffeine! 


Another way to break down tasks is to create lists.  When I was pregnant my belly grew increasingly uncomfortable and my memory shrunk to the size of a pea.  I had to write everything down.  Within weeks of conceiving, I had officially become my mother!  Lists kept me sensible.  I still love to cross off items, check mark them and make additions.  When I have several projects going I grab some printer paper, place a project heading on the top of each one then go back and brainstorm all the to-dos for that project heading.  I place all of the sheets on a clipboard to keep them tidy and accessible.  Your list will never end… that’s the reality of life, but you will have a visual of what you completed and that is satisfying.  


Decrease the clutter in your space and your mind by streamlining your routines and having a clear direction on what you need to accomplish.  You will have a clearer picture of where you are going and what you can leave behind.  Life is more manageable when it’s broken down into smaller pieces, leaving you more time to enjoy it. 

My earring is nowhere to be found.  Who cares?!  It’s just an object, a pretty little thing.  It’s the people, the places, and the moments that are important.  The memories of that evening spent living life, that is what I cherish.  The cocktails, the laughter, the dancing, the feeling of a warm summer night with those you care most about….indeed living the life I imagined.  


Calling in the Professionals ...

If you look around your home and feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your closets, it may be time to call in the professionals!

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about krista lida colvin

Krista Colvin is the owner of Organize In Style, a professional organizing company. Krista focuses on creating spaces that function and look fabulous. Before starting her own business, Krista taught others how to conquer the world as high school marketing teacher. During that time she met her soul mate, immediately delved into motherhood and found herself watching HGTV all hours of the day and night. Enjoying motherhood but haunted by creative and entrepreneurial voices that whispered "do something for yourself", Krista decided to create her own opportunity that allows her to balance family and self. She specializes in working with women that are starting their own business ventures and need to organize their home, office, and family.

krista lida colvin

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