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Passport Diaries by Tamara T. Gregory

Passport Diaries by Tamara T. Gregory

Kia Carson an assistant D. A. knows exactly what she wants in a relationship. She wants what her parents have. Her career has gone along smoothly until recently. She is suspended by her boss and told to take a six-week suspended absence. Kia always thought she’d take a break and travel, but not under these circumstances.  Nevertheless, Kia is encouraged by her best friend Maya to go to Europe.  Kia hopes this vacation will help her get her head together. Right now, nothing is happening for her in L.A. She has been having a casual on and off again relationship with Flash, but that is going nowhere quickly and there is a colleague at work that she finds intriguing, but there are roadblocks and she does not want to deal with them yet. So off to Europe she goes. She will spend her 35th birthday in Paris and visit several other cities and countries.

First, Kia arrives in London where she meets Derrick Cummings. Unfortunately, Derrick has a fiancée. The real shocker is that they want Kia to participate in a ménage a trois. Second, Kia goes to Paris, she finds the city enchanting and exciting. Much to Kia’s surprise Flash shows up in Paris. She is warmed by his willingness to travel to see her, but the relationship really has no future. Third, Kia goes to Greece where she summons the courage to try new and exciting adventures, like sunbathing topless. Next, the heat is turned up when she bumps into a co-worker while on her European adventure.

Passport Diaries is a wonderfully written first novel. Smart, original, and laugh-out-loud funny, it's an irresistible, delightful read.


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Jennifer has over 10 years of diverse responsibilities in the educational arena. From teacher to translator to trainer, she has crossed the cultural divide by learning Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Well traveled and well read, Jennifer is living proof that a Diva can be beautiful AND brilliant!

jennifer bennett

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