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Live Life With Passion

This has been the tag line on all my my personal and professional emails for some time now. I meet so many people every day, whether at the gym or in stores, at the post office, doctor’s offices or just running errands that don’t live with passion. They are simply 'existing', doing a job and hating every minute of it.

Life is Too Short to Live Without Passion  

We all know there are different types of passion. Romantic passion, passion for a cause, sports and entertainment passion, but what I’d like to talk about in this issue is LIVING Your LIFE With PASSION!  I truly believe that we are all put on this earth to accomplish great things, however great things don’t have to come in big packages.  It’s getting up and knowing you are doing what you were meant to do. Passion is getting up everyday and instead of saying, "Good God, it’s morning," you say, "Good, God it’s morning."

People are PASSIONATE about a lot of things, children, the rain forest, supporting or working with single parents, Special Olympics, the elderly, abused women, animals, sports, nutrition, beauty, wellness -- there are many things to be passionate about.  Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.  There are some amazing women out there doing all kinds of incredible things and we know that our community of curvy readers is no different. What are you passionate about, and what are you doing about it? If you are not yet taking action on your passion, we want you to take action on it THIS YEAR!!

My passion has been helping women create financial independence, creating money that comes in whether we get out of bed or not.  After working in the corporate world I realized early in my career that I didn’t like having a boss, I liked being my own boss, so I started my first business when I was in my 20’s.  My personal freedom was my passion at that time.  In the past 27 years I have had only one full time job for one year.  I developed an Internet-based business, which allows me the flexibility to work from home, work when I choose and make as much money as I desire.  My personal and financial freedom and that of others is something that I am very passionate about.  Teaching women about financial independence and how to do what they love to do and get paid well to do it, excites me everyday.  It is so difficult to talk with people who do not like what they do for a living.  Imagine spending 8 hours per day doing something you don’t like.  Living life with passion doesn’t mean you never have to do things you don’t like, it’s just that you get to “choose” to do them, not “have” to do them.  Being able to go visit my sick grandmother, or take time to be with a friend, to play during the week with my grandkids, or volunteer is very important to me and I desire to help others live a life of personal and financial freedom as well.

Steps to Living with Passion

Steps to Living with Passion

One of my other passions is single Moms. There are so many single Mothers out there that are doing a great job in raising their children, however there are so many that have a hard time dealing with all the many issues of daily life. Single Mom’s usually have to work full time, raise the children, clean, cook, help with homework, be the disciplinarian, do the laundry, be the spiritual leader for their family, and all the other hats that they must wear.



Model: Annette Allman, Wilhelmina 10/20 Division NYC

It is for that reason that I feel passionate about starting a ranch for single Mom’s where they can come and have a two-week “Paid” vacation, one week with their children and the other week for them to stay alone and be pampered; their kids would stay at the children’s camp.  Single parents have all the hard work of raising their kids, while grandparents, ex-spouses or well meaning aunts or uncles take their kids to Disneyland or fun zones.  This ranch would be for Mom’s and kids to have fun together for one week, as well as give them a refreshing, rejuvenating time alone. What I am doing to move toward that is I have looked at property in Nevada for the ranch, I also work with single mother’s and help them take time to relax and play with their kids.  I’ve worked with Dress for Success, helping women re-enter the job market, I also volunteer at retreats called “Healing the Wounded Woman”.  While creating financial independence in my life, I plan on spending more time getting the ranch off the ground.  It is very important to let people know what your passion is so they can jump on the bandwagon.  My goal is to end my life “worn out” not “rusted out”; taking advantage of every minute God gives me on this earth. 

One of the greatest challenges people have is just beginning. There are too many people who go to bed bored rather than tired. If we listen and buy into our fears we will never be able to take action. There are many reasons why people don’t start, whether it’s a good job and you make too much money to quit, or you don’t think you have the skills to accomplish your passion, or you are just plain afraid of it. We want to see you take action. It is always the first step that is the hardest. What is it that you have been meaning to do? What do you KNOW you are supposed to accomplish and how will you move forward THIS YEAR?!!

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We at AmaZe want to challenge all of you to TAKE

ACTION ON WHAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE about.  What would or does get you up every morning with an excited anticipation of what is going to happen that day?  We want to hear from you about what your passions are and how you plan to or are acting on them.  Let us know in 300 words or less, what you’re passionate about and what you are doing or plan to do to live your life with passion.  Share your story and you may be our winner of a 3 night / 4 day vacation package, sponsored by Life Success Navigators, for 2 in the "Taking Action on My Passion" contest!

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about denice kennedy

Denice labels herself a Lifestyle Navigator. She has owned several businesses over the past 25 years and each of them have brought her closer to what she loves to do, that is to mentor individuals in creating the lifestyle of their dreams.  She lives in So. California with her husband Ken, she has two daughters and four beautiful grandchildren.  Being a successful wife, mother, grandmother and business owner gives Denice fulfillment in all areas of her life: Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Friends, Fun, Fashion and Future. She is currently working on her first book.


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