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Dancing With a Diva
Life as a curvy ballroom dancer

I was 45 years old, single and tired of the Club scene...

My mother repeatedly said to me please sign up for Ballroom Dance Lessons. Being an avid walker, I was walking thru my local town and I saw a flyer in a store window saying "Learn to Cha-Cha, Rhumba and Salsa!" Low and behold that Thursday nite I went to the Civic Center and had my first group dance lesson. Now, six years later, I'm doing Competive Dancing, Pro_Am (my teacher, Brian Fortuna, is the Pro and I'm the amateur) and competing all over the US and Canada. I even have a series of Decorating DVD's which I dance at a client's home with my Dance Teacher.

Who would of ever thought that this could all come true! All it takes is some determination to realize the as we age we need to find some sort of exercise the we like and stick to it. What a better way to accomplish that task then by taking Ballroom Dance Lessons. Also the Social aspect of it is great too! Ballroom Dancing enables anyone to be an artist. Many people like Ballroom Dancing as a way to express themselves. When I'm dancing with my teacher and performing in a showcase, I feel like I'm on top of the world, all the hard work that we put into our routines is all worth it.

Michele Caprio and Brian Fortuna Dance the Paso-Doble

And since we are talking about PASSION in this issue of AmaZe, another dance that I just love is Salsa. Just go to a Salsa Club and watch the dancers. It's better than a movie, trust me! It's very sensous and mesmorizing. Ooh-la-la!

You owe it to yourself to take an hour long dance vacation after a long day at work. Dancing will help you escape from trying or difficult circumstances and it will chase the stress away. It also has the capacity to transport us from our world of problems to a world of make believe.

Ballroom Dance Resources

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Michele and Brian Dance the Cha-Cha

Ballroom dancing also has the ability to change your curvy life since you will no longer shy away from social functions that include various forms of partner dancing. Instead you will look forward to them. The beauty of dancing is that you don't have to be a size 6 to enjoy it -- I am living proof. Plus you don't have to be twenty years old, you can be from age 10 - 90 enjoying a truly fantastic sport!

Michele and Brian Dance the Salsa

In closing, no wonder 26 million people are watching the Hit TV Show on ABC "Dancing With The Stars." I'm one of the viewers who just count the minutes till the show starts. I just love it because for 1 1/2 hours, I get lost in the music, the beautiful costumes and watching the Stars having the time of their lives! And so could You! If you have a passion for dance, don't hesitate to sign up for those Dance Lessons and have the time of your life. See you on the Dance Floor!

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Decorator, professional seamstress, model, entrepreneur, actress and competitive ballroom dancer, Michele Caprio has quite a full resume. The secret of her success? Creativity, hard work, and tenacity. Michele's eclectic background has helped her become a well-known interior decorator whose innovative designs have made her one of the most sought after decorators in the Greater Philadelphia area. For more information, please visit

michele caprio

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