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Daring Curves: Who Do You Dare to Be?
Taking Action On My Passion: Denice Kennedy
Canadian Ballet Scene: Madeline Figueroa
Making History: Pam Chatman
Ballroom Diva: Michele Caprio
Chasing Dreams: Vicki Logan
Live Your Dreams : Sharon Quinn
Too Fat to Dance: Valerie Vigdahl

plus size life

Off the Cuff: V-Day: Michele Weston
News From a Broad: Catherine Schuller

Love in Action: Anne Baird
Your Personal Brilliance: Jim Canterucci
Mindfully Amazing: Divabetics
Over 40 and Fabulous: Angela Howell

Whitney's Curvy Kitchen: Whitney Dineen
Food is Fuel: Valerie Broussard

Organization: Krista Colvin

Financial Style: Liria Mersini

Career Potential: Ford R. Myers

Our Two Cents: Josh and Julie Max
Intimate Reactions: Wendy Beth Cohen

Destinations: Julie James
Places and Spaces: Santa Fe

Hugs and Kisses
Please Marry Me, Darling: Judy Gruen
Wedding Style: Chamein Canton
Weddings: Alexandra LaVayen-Jenkins

Novel Ideas
Book Nook Reviews: Jennifer Bennett
The Legacy Tree Romance: Rida Allen
Novel Ideas

Baby Love: Brette Sember
Love Is: Barbara Brickner
Single Parent Dating 101: Alexandra Boos

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