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Being constantly on the road has taught me how to be a better friend to myself. Feeling crazed and frenetic during the day, changing to pensive and lonely in the evening creates reflective mood. But every once in a while, it all comes together. Something clicks and you feel the gears engage. The validation stamp of approval goes 'ker-chunk' and the reasons and rhymes, omens and intuitions finally payoff. Often times you wait, pray for a sign that your life's work somehow matters, and sometimes without any pat on the back, you keep on truckin' anyhow. I used to have a job, which sort of became a career, but now I have a calling.

The weeks immediately following the NYC Curventures event resulted in a lot of energy shifting and opportunities being created. Lots of interest, inquiries, joint project pitches, networking and offers. In fact, Catherines Plus Sizes is launching a more 'proportioned to fit' jewelry line that is being rolled out in several cities. The line includes longer lengths, wider widths, larger openings as well as handbags. I was asked to travel to visit the morning shows and share this new official concept in jewelry under the brand.

Catherines Plus Sizes



I also booked a few morning TV show fashion segments for the plus clothing website Nashville loves curves. This time I was in Nashville with another mission besides morning fashion segment. I had been contacted thru my website by Wynonna Judd's stylist and after the show I met with the wonderful Renee Layher (her stylist for the past seven years) to discuss an upcoming project with Wynonna. Seems this TV special wanted Wynonna to just wear great "off the rack" clothing and look more dressy casual and not her usual stage-y performance style. The stylist was panicking. Wynonna has a seamstress and no one on her glam squad has ever had to shop for her from a store. Wearing a Women's petite, Renee was encountering the age old dilemma of finding fabulous clothing with a style befitting Wynonna's height challenge. She was looking on the interent and in the stores in Nashville locally. So Renee contacted me to see if I knew some resources and if I could return to New York and pull together six outfits for the special. I was thrilled and honored. Say what you will about New York, you will find it in the Big Apple. I waited for Renee's instruction on what direction they wanted and what the budget for the wardrobe for the show would be, etc. It was off to airport to fly back to New York and begin my shopping quest for Wynonna.

I sat at the airport and went thru my Palm Pilot, calling boutiques, showrooms, vendors, manufacturers to see what we could muster. I went to Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor and Saks for the department store sweep. Even working under adversity, the universe allowed me to stand and deliver. Well, thank the Lord for Bloomingdale's, Anna Scholz, Dulcestyle, Lafayette 148, Harari, Abby Z and ECI NY and Richard Metzger whipping up sketches. They all made themselves available and rushed their clothing to me or sent it directly to Renee in Nashville.


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