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Love in Action
Inspired by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book,
“The Power of Intention”


A woman springs from a bed of roses into a golden sky radiant with sun.  Hair and ribbons flying, she’s deeply connected to the energy of the universe -- immersed in the power of Spirit. She is not separate from that energy. Instead, she has merged so completely with its Source that she has become part of it. To such a woman, nothing is impossible.

With her intentional alignment with the creative force of the universe that many call God, she is powerful beyond words. An expression of Love. She’s a one-woman magnet so compelling that people are irresistibly drawn to her. She gives and receives love freely. The more she gives, the more she has to give away.

Her passion for life is expressed in a hundred different ways. It may come out in her work, or in her creativity. Music, art, poetry, dance may flow in her like honey. Higher mathematics or the laws of physics may sing to and through her. Passion may find expression in erotic love for a beloved partner, or loving care for family, friends, and colleagues. It may reveal itself in a quest for spirituality, a dedication to service, or the power to create a healing home space where good food and the gift of laughter restore the weary and brokenhearted.

anne baird

What’s her secret? What is the source of her unquenchable soul? It is her powerful, intentional alignment with the abundance of Spirit.  Her refusal to live anything but an empowered, vibrant life, no matter what. She has discovered what Dr. Wayne Dyer in his inspirational book, “The Power of Intention” calls the “face of love.”  She has learned that the first step into that space begins within herself.  For that reason, she chooses to believe in her own divinity, trusting in the wisdom that made her. She knows that until she loves herself  she cannot fully love anything else. Not even the person who lies closest to her heart.

“I am whole. I am perfect. As I was created,” the woman sings to herself. It may take a while to believe that. There are so many voices out there declaring that she is NOT! Voices insisting that she is insufficient. That she is powerless. Unworthy. Undeserving. Ugly, even. One of the loudest voices repeating these cruel slanders has been her own.

Perhaps you’ve heard those voices too?

Don’t believe any of them. Not even yourself.

You are whole. You are perfect. Just as you were created. And you were created for a special purpose. You were created as an expression of love on Earth.

How wonderful is that?

about anne baird

Anne Baird is a freelance writer and the Artist and owner of Goddess Cards . Her line grew from a birthday card she created for her daughter, Amanda, who was disheartened at being Rubenesque in the "Land of Thin" (LA). That seminal card evolved into a long line of love notes and affirmations for ALL women.

Goddess Cards have been endorsed by 5 centers specializing in treating women with body and self-esteem issues. The respected Renfrew Center Foundation, based in California, has listed her as one of 3 artists "promoting healthy body images."

anne baird

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