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by angela howell

As we head into February and March, there is no better time to do a little Spring cleaning to prepare for the months ahead!


  • Take a look in the mirror. (Tape an old picture of yourself to the mirror. Use this as a motivational tool……IT WORKS! )
  • Write down 5 things you’d like to change about yourself.  (Need to lose a few pounds?  Maybe a new hairdo or hair color? A complete makeover? A new wardrobe? etc.)
  • Be realistic about your changes.  (DON’T set impossible goals!)
  • Set aside time for your goals. (Commitment is the key to your success!)
  • Stick to it and do it!

You may want to keep a daily journal.  Write down your goals, thoughts, accomplishments, and feelings.   This is an excellent tool and great to go back and read to see how you’ve changed and feel about you and your life.  Remember, CHANGE IS GOOD!


You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-priced makeup artists and beauty salons to look good.  Learn the everyday, common sense, beauty secrets and you too can look like the stars!  

Makeup Tips:

  • A GOOD FOUNDATION is the hardest-working cosmetic you will ever purchase.  Choose one that is right for your skin type. 
  • If you look good in pure white, look for “cool” makeup shades.  If you look better in cream or off white, choose “warm” tones.
  • Moisturizer can look extremely greasy, particularly in photos. Look for specific day and evening moisturizing creams for your skin type. There are even matte lotions out there now and lotions are lighter than creams.
  • Go easy on the powder since it makes you look "cakey."
  • Line lips, and then dip a Q-tip in powder, and run along the line.  This will create a mouth that “pops” out. Make sure to line lips with a color that matches the natural color of your mouth.
  • Frosts look more flattering on younger eyes. Stay with matte finishes and avoid the frosts!
  • The eyebrow is the frame of the face.  It is easy to “lift” the eye with a couple of quick strokes.  Control your eyebrows with an old toothbrush or and old washed mascara wand.  To get a professional-looking eyebrow, follow these steps:
  • Brush brows down, using a toothbrush or lash comb.  Fill in with a soft pencil.  Spray a toothbrush with lightweight hair spray or better yet, a clear brow gel. Brush brows back up and into place. Brush brows back up and into place.

For your Lips…..

  • Lipsticks have three basic components:

Pigment:  Determines the color

Emollients:  Carry the pigment to the lips

Waxes:  Give the lipstick its shape


plus size mdoel


Choose the best formula!

Matte:  The most lasting formulation.  Not shiny.  Flat coverage.

Caution:  Pick one that’s not too drying.

Creamy:  Looks the best when first applied.  Gives the most even coverage.  Available in the widest array of colors.

Stain:  Usually contains moisturizing ingredients.  Gives only a hint of color.  Wears off most naturally and discreetly.  Most likely to have added sunscreen.

  • Use a neutral lip pencil rather than one that matches your lipstick.
  • Apply lip pencil in dots around the lip, then connect-the-dots following the natural lip line.
  • For a softer lip color, blend moisturizer into the lipstick.
  • Blend lip liner and lipstick together on the back of the hand for a longer-lasting look.
  • If your lipstick tends to “bleed”, apply lipstick first, then line over it to set.
  • Create your own lip colors by mixing and matching.


Model: Paulette
Wilhelmina Models 10/20 Division, NYC

about angela howell

Angela resides in the “peach” state of Georgia and has been successfully competing in pageants for about four years. Her most recent titles include Ms. All American Woman Plus 2005 and the 2005 Mrs. Georgia Classic Beauty title. She not only competes, but is a judge and pageant director.

Angela is also a motivational speaker, owner of Beautiful You Consulting and is the founder of the Delta Nu Service Sorority which does community service projects for various charities throughout the US. In January 2005, Angela was honored with Georgia’s prestigious award, Volunteer of the Year. She also received several national awards from the White House including the President of the United States Achievement Award and the Life Time Achievement.

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