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by valerie valliere

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When it comes to personal perception, I like to follow through from head to toe. And that's exactly where we are being taken; the whole foot, matter of fact. Imagine owning your own piece of leather mastery for a satisfying and rewarding arch fantasy. is proof that this is what it's all about in the shoeworld. So track my well-dressed footsteps to the internet's premier e-tail resource.

"Boots and pumps and flats, oh my!" That phrase alone sends tingles down my spine, like it does to so many other women. Eneter a fantastic place in cyberspace to live your dream and get showered with footwear. I'm not really sure what the oxford fetish is, but many still seem to suffer from it. So off to we go to cure our carnivorous appetite of never having enough shoes.

Founded by Gary Weiner in 1999 with the tagline, "Your online shoe source", Shoedini strives to be the universal leader of the latest footwear, bags and accessories. Concentrating on famously recognized brand names for both sexes, such as Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, DKNY and Diesel, this business offers an unbelievable assortment of styles, sizes and widths from all over the globe.

Just to prove that this company is top notch, I did extensive research into many other online shoe stores and came out with this conclusion. In my opinion, fairs equally with other prime internet footwear businesses, such as and Each online shop is competitively priced and easy to navigate with a large variety of trends and extensive width selection for the curvy shopper, with special needs for wider width and more size choices.

Speaking of trends, flats are in this season as well as ankle and knee boots manufactured from leathers and suedes. And don't forget owning a pair of boots for two reasons. Not only do these "Fashion Wizards" present the hottest styles, but they give you a second excuse to make a purchase so your significant other can't get upset that you added another pair to your collection.



Ten percent of all boot sales on during the months of October, November and December will be donated to The Susan G. Komen Foundation through their "Give Breast Cancer the Boot" promotion. Since July of 2004, eBags (the parent company of Shoedini) raised over $170,000 with 'The Pick Pink Program'. This goes for men's boots as well as women's. It's a great way to both make a contribution and get the men in your life an early holiday gift.

I had the opportunity to reciprocate a favor to a male friend of mine by giving him a pair of Timberland Pro work boots, something he had been wanting for a long time, courtesy of the good people at All I asked of him was to give me feedback as to the performance of his new foot covering. He sure did put it to the test and came up with this conclusion; all the features that Timberland boasts about is on the up and up; unloading a tractor trailer truck in the pouring rain probed the water-proof theory; accidentally dropping a heavy box on his foot showed that nothing could touch that steel toe; and working in a walk-in freezer for some amount of time kept his tootsies toasty due to the footwear's insulation. Over all, my buddy graded his token of appreciation with an A+. His exact words..."This is living!".

The escorted voyage around the corporation's corner of cyberspace permits customers to examine the goods by gender, sales and also the "Top 10", with preferences determined from a drop-down list. Objective keyword quests make your purchasing an easy customized experience. How could you not find what you're looking for with over 120 brands of footwear and 25 handbag names? But just in case you still have questions, a toll-free phone number has been established for all your needs. Don't be shy...go ahead and call them. Shoedini never forgets that their customers are real people, too. The representatives can suggest styles to fit your lifestyle and your budget. So give your feet a new design and be amazed at the possibilities.'ve got a lot of sole.

6060 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

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Valerie has been an active member of the plus size movement for many years. She is active in the broadcasting business, lending her voice to many radio commercials and voice-overs. Valerie is also pursuing a career as a professional model and actress.

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