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by rochelle rice

State of Grace

Gracious is defined as courteous, kind and pleasant.  Elegance.  Manifesting love.  The most important lesson is to learn to cultivate these attributes within yourself first in order to authentically create them in the world.

As women, we continually put our own needs aside to take care of those around us.  It’s as if everyone and everything else comes first.  This quality is so innate there have been moments myself when I wonder “where did that come from?”  It is a wonderful gift to trust our sense of intuition and feminine self, however, there may be feelings of guilt if you take the time for yourself.  Having a deep connection to your breath and body is what creates the fullness of your life.

Offering yourself the freedom and permission to nurture your body, mind and spirit, will create a sense of abundance and gratefulness.  There are numerous ways to nurture yourself once you take the time to feel what makes you happy.  Make a list of all the people and experiences that create sheer joy for you.  Allow the joy to begin to manifest love from within you.  Ways to nurture yourself could include movement of any type, meditation, breathwork, prayer and laughter.  Let your breath wash over you, clearing the stress and tension.  As your connection to your breath and body deepens, you will radiate light into the world.  Your light will then give permission to those around you to shine brightly as well.

To be able to sit peacefully in your body is one of your greatest health assets.  Listen to your body by creating a dialogue from your body to your mind.  It will help you craft a life that is in alignment with your deepest needs, from relationships in your life, to a satisfying career, to personal health.  And this body/mind connection… ahhh… this is grace.  And a state of grace is what gives your life purpose and profound meaning.

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about rochelle rice

Rochelle Rice, MA, is the President of In Fitness & In Health, New York’s premier wellness facility dedicated to plus-size women. She is the creator of the Plus-Size Exercise Program and is the author of Real Fitness For Real Women (Warner, 2001).

rochelle rice

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