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Tips on how to be a Gracious Host & Bride

Tips on how to be a Gracious Host & Bride

You're scrambling trying to finish everything on your to do list, and you have family & friends coming any day now from out of town.  How could you keep your sanity and at the same time play gracious host to your family & friends that have traveled to share in the joy of your wedding?  This article will give you some tips that will make your guests feel as if their trip was not made in vain.

Your first duty is to give your out of town guests plenty of notice of your wedding.  I suggest sending a 'Save the Date' no later than 6 months prior to your nuptials.  Remember the earlier you let your guests know the more they could save on airfare.  A save the date could be in the form of a “Wedding Newsletter” or you could create a “Web page” with the same information.  You could also personalize it by adding little tidbits about your engagement and wedding.

Include the following information.

  • Wedding Date
  • Wedding Location
  • Important Phone Numbers List
  • Local Hotels
  • Bride & Groom
  • Local Rental Car Companies
  • Local Airport & Airline Information
  • Local Dining
  • Local Attractions

You want to do as much of the work for your guests as possible.  They will need somewhere to stay while they are in town, you can help them by researching different hotels in different price ranges.  Make sure they have good reputations.  If you know you will have a lot of out of town guests you could negotiate room rates with the hotel.  Another thing to remember is that if you are having your reception at a hotel they almost always give your wedding guests a discounted rate.  If this is the case make sure you get a name and direct number in which your guests could call and make these special reservations, tell your guests to mention that they are guests of the blank/blank wedding reception. 



As soon as your out-of-town guests arrive they should feel welcomed. 'Buddy' local relatives for livery service from the airport and to the reception.This is a really nice gesture for your out-of-town guests that don’t know their way around your city or town. It is also good for any elderly guests that might have trouble driving. A mini-bus or van can be rented for the day and you can ask a friend to be the chauffeur.

Another nice gesture is to place gift baskets in their room before they arrive.  Include food, candy, any local "delicacies", a bottle of wine or mineral water, tourist information, map and a special thank you from the bride and groom.

You could also consider inviting them to the rehearsal dinner. Another popular idea is having an out-of-town brunch the day after your wedding, before you go on your honeymoon.  You want to leave your out-of-town guests feeling as if their presence at your wedding was truly appreciated. Remember with help from your local family and friends anything is possible.

 Happy Planning!


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about alexandra laVayen-jenkins

Alexandra LaVayen-Jenkins resides in beautiful Southern California with her Husband and Son. She is the owner of Custom Creations, an event and wedding planning company located in Long Beach, CA (562)505-1421. Having planned numerous events, including her own lavish May 2003 wedding to her Husband Nicholas, Alexandra attributes her success to her multi-cultural background. Alexandra’s special niche is that she is able to incorporate traditions from different ethnicities into her event planning.

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