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by valery amador

Up Close and Personal With SizeAppeal

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Caron and Linzi, the dynamic sister team that makes up Sizeappeal. We have watched them glo and grow to become one of the leaders in colorful, sexy fashions for curvy women. Their images speak volumes and these two delightful Divas have a lot to say...

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[Valery] Tell us a bit about how you came up with the concept and name for Sizeappeal.

[Caron and Linzi] We literally sat at a kitchen table one night in July 2000 until we came up with a name that spoke directly to our mission statement and plans for an appealing plus size clothing company for women. Hence…Sizeappeal!

[Valery] Let’s get personal -- Tell us a bit about your Diva selves –- what you each do at Sizeappeal, and how you got started in this business.

[Caron and Linzi] Caron Kovoloff is really the heart and soul of Sizeappeal. She has an innate sense of what sells and what kinds of styles a plus size woman might want to wear to look trendy and sexy. She is the nucleus of our fashion and handles wholesale orders, direct sales and anything that crosses her desk. Lori K, Caron’s daughter is our young designer. They make a great fashion team!  Linzi Glass handles PR and marketing for Sizeappeal.

Caron started selling plus size clothing on Ebay after her husband died almost 6 years ago. She quickly saw that there was a huge void in the market and after several months of selling on Ebay she decided that it was time to branch out and create a plus size business of her own.

[Valery] What sets Sizeappeal apart from the curvy fashion crowd?

[Caron and Linzi] We have new styles and fashions available on a weekly basis.

We never cut the “shape” out of a garment to make it boxy. Our prices are really reasonable and we never add on cost because of extra fabric being used to cut say, a 4x garment.

[Valery] I’ve read that Sizeappeal have been worn by some very high profile Hollywood Divas! Can you share with us what stars are wearing Sizeappeal?

[Caron and Linzi] Well, we have dressed Kim Coles on a regular basis. Star Jones wore a pair of our leather pants for a cover shoot, Monique, Kelly Price, America Ferarra (Real Women Have Curves) and even Anna Nicole Smith have worn Sizeappeal!

[Valery] What does it take to get ready for each season? How many people are involved in the process?

[Caron and Linzi] Sizeappeal doesn’t work on the 4 season premise. We work on the 52 week premise where new styles are being added on a weekly basis. Lori K., our designer works around the clock to keep the fashion wheels of Sizeappeal turning at such a fast pace. There are 8 people involved in the designing to manufacturing process.

sizeappeal 2

[Valery] How have you been focusing on fit for the curvy figure? How does this differ from "Straight" fit issues?

[Caron and Linzi] We always make sure that there is some amount of stretch in our fabric to make clothing is more comfortable and flattering to the curvy shape.

[Valery] So give us the inside scoop on the 2005 model search -- what does it take to be a Sizeappeal model winner? How many years have you been doing the search and how many women typically enter. Can you tell us what wonderful things have happened for the former winners?

[Caron and Linzi] This is the 3rd year of the Sizeappeal Model Search. It’s always a great success! The winner is selected by Brand Model and Talent Agency since they know what they are looking for in terms of the type of woman they wish to represent.  Our past winners have been seen on TV fashion shows, runway shows, department store fashion shows and have had editorial in major fashion magazines and online fashion gigs. The model search definitely changed their lives and gave them new added careers!

sizeappeal 3


[Valery] You definitely have some delicious Diva Models on your site! Tell us a bit about a few of the models currently featured on your site.

[Caron and Linzi] Sam (the sexy brunette) was discovered by Sizeappeal. She’s been a regular model for us since the very beginning. She is now represented by a major modeling agency and has done several big ad campaigns.

Juli (our one beautiful blonde) has also been working with Sizeappeal for a very long time. She recently got married and always wears Sizeappeal clothing around town. We always look for fresh faces, (Erin, the other blonde on our homepage) was also discovered by Sizeappeal when she came in on an open casting call several months ago.

[Valery] What can we look forward to in the near future with Sizeappeal?

[Caron and Linzi] First of all, you can expect us to keep true to our mission of offering trendy and fashionable clothing to our curvy customers.  Secondly, we do plan on broadening our offerings to include jeans, more causal wear and potentially some clothing more targeted to the office. 


[Valery] Visit to check out their trendy, up-to-the-minute, affordable fashions. Also, take advantage of this exclusive Venus Diva offer! Visit and use code DIVA at checkout to receive 10% off your order! Offer valid until 8/01/05.)



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Valery is the creator of The Venus Divas and the co-founder & CEO of Venus Imaging, LLC. She is a former plus size model, actress and director and has over 20 years experience in teaching and coaching children and adults in the areas of modeling, acting, self-esteem and communication.

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