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My name is Tamie Hartley from Australia and I want to Sound Off!

I am a 30-year-old woman with a passion for fashion. It first hit me when I was pregnant with my last child. Looking in magazines, I would see the same model types over and over; young, tall, wafer thin models advertising fashion. Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be nice if the industry would have a broader spectrum of models advertising fashion?

The smallest represented model is currently the plus size model –- which is ironic since plus size women are the majority, not the minority!  Now having said that, I have a few points to get share:

HEIGHT: Models are tall and the average woman is not. Many times I see fashions that look great on the models, but not on me. Since I am the “Average” woman, I know that a lot of other women have the same problem. We all have lovely curves, but unfortunately do not have the height to go with it. Why is it that advertisers cannot represent the average woman on the pages of the fashion magazines?

AGE: Let’s face it ladies, we do not stay young forever. The pages of fashion magazines are filled with young women. Can’t the industry continue to represent women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s?

I just had to share this -- I came across an article where a degrading comment was made by a fashion designer. They stated that using an older model was like "Dressing mutton up as lamb." I am sure a lot of women would certainly like to tell him a thing or two!

Listen up! We are sick and tired of seeing all these young faces and tall, wafer thin bodies. I believe this is why there is so much pressure on women to be thin and perfect. Yes, it all comes down to money, but if they would only stop and listen to what women want vs. what they think we want, I am sure the money would continue to roll in.





It would be nice to see a change –- a change that encompasses all women. A woman changes her shape over the years and fashions change every season, so we are definitely used to change. Now, why can't the fashion industry make a change and hire models to represent all women? On the pages of the fashion magazines we want to see women who are large, small, tall, short, old and young! Every size and shape of beautiful.

This is Tamie from Australia signing off in Sound Off!

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