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» It's amazing, on point, and so me! And I want to thank everyone at Venus Divas -- this magazine is a great use of the worldwide web and I believe it's the best plus size targeted magazine I've ever seen. Diva Monchiere'

» Thank you for returning my call. It was so nice to talk with you. I will keep in touch. From what I've seen so far this magazine is something to look forward to. Keep up the good work. Peace and Much Love, Diva Jeanne

» I love this magazine! It is the answers to my prayers. As I am just getting my foot wet in the modelling industry, I found this magazine essential to keeping me abreast with issues related to plus models. In addition, I find this magazine motivating to keep pushing me on to succeed in this industry. Thank you for creating this magazine. Divas, ROCK ON! Diva Les

» Is just what I have been looking for here in Scotland. Diva Susan

» Love it, love it, love it!  Especially the article where everybody talks about the awful fat-phobic doctors we have in Canada and the US.  Diva Marguerite

» I was kind of disappointed I thought the articles could have been better. Diva Lyric

» Awesome! Fantastic! Amazing!  It was a real page turner and every article was interesting and intriguing. The colors were inviting.  I am looking forward to the next article.  How often will it be printed? Thank You Thank You for creating a magazine exclusively for us. Diva Kay

» If the first issue is any indication of the fine caliber of info and issues that we (curvy women) need and want -- then I will be a faithful reader. Great job on the first issue -- it has left me definitely wanting more! Diva Desda

» Just wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised by your new on-line magazine. I loved the layout, it was just like turning the pages of a real magazine! I'm hooked with he first issue, I look forward to seeing much more! Diva Chenese

» We have not had a great plus-size magazine since "Mode" and "Belle" were discontinued.  Keep up the good work. Diva R. Dixon

» Saw that you launched a magazine on the Venus website.  I think that is great!  It looks good and I will enjoy reading through it.  If you every need a cover girl let me know! Diva Jennifer
» I reviewed your magazine and was thrilled with the articles, however I do highly disagree with the article pertaining to "Fat Actress".  I have watched the series and I loved it from the start.  Diva Tabitha




» What a wonderful new look to your magazine! I'm so happy with page after page of great articles, tips and fashion! I'm looking forward to enjoying each new copy. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Diva Pat

» I saw the invitation in my email to view the new magazine, honestly, I have never read a magazine online before. I LOVED IT. I felt like I was really flipping through the pages of a wonderful new magazine made just for me! I am a complete Diva Femme and love being a woman in all of her wonderful, sensual glory.  Give me ideas for clothes -- give me ideas for romance -- give me that tingly feeling of excitement I get when I meet someone else just like me who LOVES TO FLAUNT it all! I read the articles and felt as though I wasn't being berated for being a big girl. I was being crowned -- like a queen! I love the new issue and cannot wait to see the next one. My plan for the evening is to click on every single one of the advertisement links, leading me to many more wonderful full figured women and ideas that I can use to further glorify every inch of....ME!  Diva Cheyenne


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