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Greetings Divas! It is a beautiful spring day as I sit with my laptop (a la Carrie Bradshaw) and ponder the topic at hand -- and the word of the month -- REVEAL.

This word is delicious as it offers so many possibilities -- to reveal your inner truth -- to reveal your glorious curvy self with no self-consciousness -- to reveal a hidden part of your soul -- all wonderful things to start the summer with!

June means summer is on the way -- less layers, exposing and revealing the skin you have been hiding all winter, and the mother of all exposure -- swimsuit time! I can tell you that I have not purchased one in so many years, I have lost count. This year I am headed to the Caribbean in July, so I had no choice -- it was time to be brave and find that suit that I would feel beautiful and sassy in. Thanks to my fabulous sister, the chore was short and sweet -- and I didn’t even have to experience the department store nightmare! I got to try on from the comfort of my own home! Thanks to I now have the perfect suit. There are several great options in the catalogue -- but the #1 choice was the Shape Detector by Carol Wior.



This suit comes in a variety of colors and is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe -- stylish halter, floating underwire fit and a ruched waist with a full coverage brief under a skirt. This suits fits beautifully and accentuates your curves and also makes you feel great. (style # 4777)

There are several great styles -- so reveal your curvy self with style this summer.

Reveal your scent-suality this summer with a fragrance that has been my signature scent for years -- and now is available in fragrance as well as 2 different body lotions, a shower gel and sugar scrub. 

I have tried repeatedly to find a new favorite -- but this just always tops the list -- fresh, fragrant and not overpowering -- everyone always has to know what I am wearing. It is Trish McEvoy No. 9  Blackberry Vanilla Musk. Layer the shower gel, and then the cream and fragrance to smell delicious all day long -- available at Nordstrom.
Trish McEvoy No. 9  Blackberry Vanilla Musk

I am an avid reader, and 2 books that have changed my perspective and encouraged me to reveal my inner thoughts and to get my life in priorities in order. The first is Notes to a Working Woman -- finding balance passion and fulfillment in your life by Luci Swindoll.


Notes to a Working Woman by Luci Swindoll

This book gets straight to the core of what so many of us struggle with on a daily basis -- how to have a career that balances with integrity, passion and faith. She has great insight and also interviews several women who have found that balance -- CeCe Winans, the fabulous gospel singer, Peggy Wehmeyer, former ABC news religion correspondent, and my favorite author Anne Lamott -- which brings me to my next book- Plan B - Further Thoughts on Faith by none other than Anne Lamott

According to the San Francisco Chronicle,  “Anne Lamott is walking proof that a person can be both irreverent and reverent in the same lifetime -- sometimes even in the same breath”.  Plan B is a spiritual antidote to anxiety and despair in our increasingly fraught times.  Anne speaks to everywoman with her blend of wit and wisdom and down to earth reality based humor. She is a terrific writer and an inspiration to us all -- I highly recommend any of her books.

Most of all, we owe it to ourselves and each other to reveal our true selves. So often we remain caught up in the everyday pettiness that causes us to mistrust each other and ourselves. We rely on outside sources to tell us if we are okay, if we are dressed right, or if we are the right size instead of listening to our hearts and believing deep down in our souls that we are exactly right the way we are.  

This Summer

Focus on making someone else feel good -- you will be surprised how good you feel as a result.

Hang out with the children in your life -- ride the merry go round and eat popsicles until your tongue turns red.

Enjoy the planet this summer -- ride your bike, go for a walk, or read a book under a tree!

Most of all -- reveal your true self to someone that you have been holding back on -- and watch your relationship blossom.



Jalyn with her acapella group members,
, Ryan, Chris and Mike



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about jalyn webb

Jalyn has been an advocate for curvy women since she began being curvy -- which we think was around age 6! She spent a fantastic year as a marketing and tour director for the Just My Size west coast tour where she met thousands of curvy women who inspire her still. She currently is the District Manager for Brighton Collectibles in Colorado, and she also sings with the acapella group "Simplicated" (formerly eLeMeNO-P) and as a guest singer with the classic rock and blues band, Blues Planet.

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