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by wendy shanker

Skin is In!


With the winter months dragging by, there are a couple of ways to take care of your face and skin -- Here are some fun products to help you do just that.

I’d always heard that Tahitian Noni (giggle) was a cure-all for many ailments, inside and out. Noni juice (giggle – I’m sorry, I know it’s so third grade, but for some reason the word “noni” always makes me laugh) is a nuturing, anti-inflammatory found in nature.  Moéa Body Souffle (Sweet Banana & Macadamia) is just one new product packed with Tahitian Noni, coconut oil, macadamia oil and mango seed butter, all meant to juice up dry winter skin.  Plus, one whiff will take you from shoveling snow to the idyllic islands of Tahiti…imagine the beach, the blue water, a tall drink…wait, you’re eating snow, that’s no good.  Stick with the Souffle, which will leave your skin feeling moist and smelling sweet.  It’s $33.00 at

Moa Body Souffle
I know many women who swear by Kinerase skin care (I don’t know Courteney Cox, but she does too, so much so, she’s even their spokesperson), and believe me, that it’s worth every penny.  Kinerase has done research to find out what helps plant life stay healthy, hydrated, and fuller longer, and has used those ingredients to give the human face a fuller, finer impression.  For the winter, Kinerase Cream is the way to go if you have dry skin or live in a colder climate (in general, a cream is usually heavier than a lotion).  Try it by layering the cream with C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment if you are interested in reducing fine lines.  And please, drink a little more water for goodness’ sake!  Go to to check out sizes and prices. Or else jump onto as well.
We think because we’re hiding our little tootsies in tights and boots all winter that we don’t have to worry about cracked heels and rough skin.  Au contraire – in the winter, your body craves moisture and your feet can be forgotten.  From Australia comes Flexitol Heel Balm, a product that claims to soften up those scaly, cracked heels in two weeks.  While it does the dirty work, I also know that dead skin is dead skin and has to be sloughed off from time to time.  So Flexitol + sloughage = success.  There’s something really appealing about the Flexitol packaging – it looks medical, like something your uncle leaves out on his nightstand.  The before and after photos can entertain you for… minutes.  A two-ounce tube of Flexitol will run you $6.99 at your local Wal-Mart or major drugstore. You can also log onto

Smashing Image

Count on Color


In my makeup lab, otherwise known as my bathroom, I’ve been ever-seeking the perfect liner for lids.  I went with the drama of a wet black liner for a while, then switched to the softer, smokier powder line.  But I just tried cream eyeliner from Smashbox and I think we have a winner!  I used a fine pointed brush to guide the line…and it stayed right in place for hours.  Check out Smashing Image, a smouldering metallic green.  You can use it straight up or highlight your everyday line with some drama.  Find it at for $22.00.


Mary Kay is giving herself a makeover, and she’s all about the eye.  Yes, they still have 700,000 consultants across the country who will stop by and drop off your purchases, but the product line has shifted.

The MK Signature Facial Highlighting Pen comes in four color tones, and is meant to be used for spot coverage and shadows on the face (i.e., those giant bags under your eyes).  It does actually look and work like a pen, and you dial as much product on to the soft brush as you want.  It’ll run you $18.00 at

P.S., I hear lots of buzz about the MK mascaras

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