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It all started with two miniature schnauzers who brought together their busy “mommy’ owners last January to create a wonderful friendship and who were ready to face looking at where and why they were both always throwing exercise "out the window" and were "off" in their own best body game. (Could it be our crazy schedules of working in the busy worlds of art and fashion, humm?)

Heidi pressed on with stories of her past experiences at Duke Fitness Center for weeks. She kept waxing poetic about the incredible staff, the wonderful mix of men and women who attend the ‘DFC’ that were changing their lives and how much she needed a "recharge fix" herself. The more she chanted on at dinner, over coffee, and drinks, I was intrigued. Me. Who has been put on every diet and exercise program known to man since I was 11, written a self help book and still did not understand the Atkins program, nor the idea that portion control of all the good foods I love to eat was still out of sight and leading me to an unhealthy lifestyle. I threw up my arms one day as I hobbled around like an old woman walking my dog and decided to go as Heidi’s ‘support person’ at the end of the summer.

So a busy and wonderful journey began for me.

I believe that we all have a place within our own body that we feel the best, and mine is not even a crazy size/scale number. I still would be considered in the “obese” category for all those health crazies with the BMI index scales scaring us all into shame. But I want to live a well-rounded life. Literally. A size 22W was not my optimum fighting number for trekking the streets of NYC, but rather a svelte 14/16W. That’s still a 'W' mind you ladies. Because I'll always like eating out, cooking, enjoying social gatherings and even enjoy taking walks and swimming. But I needed to re-direct and reconnect body, mind and fork. So off I went in to North Carolina with the best of attitudes and with no silly expectations of losing 50 pounds in 2 weeks but listening and learning and ready to try new ways to get back my personal health and gain some sanity in the two areas of my life that have always found my ‘Achilles Heel’ since I’m a teenager.

To really make this a “Learning Curve" I contacted Dina Lumia in Client Services at the DFC and asked if the Medical Director, Dr. Eisenson, and his staff would be amenable if I wrote a three part series on what I would garner from the tools of the DFC center in Durham, North Carolina. I mean - if Andre’ Leon Talley could do it - I could, and I had real health concerns, not just a Vogue Editor in Chief who wanted me to slim down and intervened to push me in the right direction. I was holding 3 red flags with messages of: auto-immune condition, family heart history and looming knee surgery written all over them if I did not get myself moving in the right direction.

I wanted to share this with you as we have shifted out of 2005 because this is the time many of us have made resolutions. I can honestly say that I have found new resolve after six months of staying on the exercise track, learning food portion lessons, falling in love with Pilates and getting in touch with my own core strength. As well as losing pounds and inches and gaining energy and strength to boot! This is a good time to look at your own path and see what you want to adapt for 2006.

At the Duke Health and Fitness Center one of the most important things I walked away from was their handbook and Website mantra:

“You have heard the statement repeated often "If you have your health, you have everything." That old adage certainly speaks a lot of truth. If you're not healthy, all the money in the world cannot help you enjoy life. Being healthy is truly the key to being happy. Our goal is to help people achieve optimal health and quality of life through prevention, education and research.”

Think about what you want to resolve for with your health and well being! Until the next issue ladies... When I'll bring you more info on finding "the perfect fit" for getting our bodies moving with my favorites: Pilates and Poolates...

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