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Still, she draws the line at roles that just aren’t quality.  “I made a promise to myself that if something is character-driven and I can make it a real person, then it’s not exploitative.  I don’t want to be a walking fat joke in a sitcom with a montage of bad dates.” 

Style-wise, Ashlie’s wardrobe is just as iconoclastic as her personality.  “My closet, firt of all, is not filled with clothes as much as costumes.  I love a retro look.  I could, I would wear that sort of Doris Day/Marilyn early 50s – mid 60s look all the time.  I’m not really into labels and designers.  I like being the person who sees what’s on the runway and says, ‘That’s neat, maybe I can make that.”

So she’s been shocked to discover the world of plus-size style, with its many looks and price points.  And she is honored that this community wants to make her look goooood.  “All of a sudden I’ve met all of these women who know where to get the goods…Michele [from Amaze] and Catherine [from Curventures] and Abby Z…and Torrid!  God bless Torrid!  I don’t have to look like the mother of the bride at every event in my life.” 

It’s clear that Ashlie has not chosen an easy path.  Not only does she face constant rejection from auditions as all actors do, but she is REAL to boot. She laughs a lot, she plays hard, and she’s way brighter than the average bulb.  She’s not blond, she’s not ten feet tall, she has real boobs and a real body. So Ashlie realizes how hard it is to defend herself from all of that negative energy while leaving herself open to expressing vulnerability as an artist.  “When I read or hear things, or have people say things, I can hear them and not ignore that, but choose to say ‘That’s the side of me you’re seeing right now.’  You know that mask that you wear to get through the day?  Don’t keep it on while you’re working.  We build defenses so we don’t burst into tears, but if I take that into work you can’t do your job.  I always say, ‘I’m not fat.  My characters are.’”

And if you see Margaret Thrasher at the next roller rumble, give her a wink and smile.

To get your ‘Ashlie fix’ (and trust me, you need one), look for her in:

244 west 54th street 12th floor

INSIDE MAN (March 2006)
Spike Lee’s new flick

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