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by denice kennedy

Living Fulfilled

Thought: What kind of life are you living?

  • Small life: Complaining and blaming others
  • Medium life: Resolved to current status quo
  • Big LIFE: Growing, learning & moving toward the life you WANT to live

In the Premiere issue of AmaZe, we talked about financial responsibility, the entrepreneurial spirit and starting a business. The article was designed to help you ask yourself some general questions about your life in order to set the stage for our next series of articles. In this issue, we get to the heart of the matter by focusing on THE questions you need to answer to start creating the life you want to live...


Question 1: A few years ago, I spoke with a CEO life coach and she told me that the number one, toughest question to get people to answer is, "What do you want?" Stop. Take a moment. Ask yourself that question...

Question 2: When determining "What you want," you also have to ask yourself, "What's important?" Below is a list I've developed called the 8 "F's" to help you discover just that. To the left of each word, rate each on a scale from one to five, one being low (I need to work on this area more) and five being high (I am completely satisfied with my results in this area). Then, to the right of each word, prioritize them in order of importance to you. Lastly, after the /, put them in order of how you spend your time CURRENTLY.

  • ___ FAITH ___ / ___
  • ___ FITNESS ___ / ___
  • ___ FAMILY ___ / ___
  • ___ FINANCES ___ / ___
  • ___ FRIENDS ___ / ___
  • ___ FUN ___ / ___
  • ___ FASHION ___ / ___
  • ___ FUTURE ___ / ___

Question 3: Does what you want fall in line with what is important to you? Do the things that you put attention on help you achieve what you want?

Question 4: "If not, how are you going to get there?"

Question 5: "What resources are currently at your disposal to help you get there?"

Question 6: "What resources do you need to develop to live the life you want to live?"

We know that money is NOT the most important thing in our lives, however money does affect most everything that is important in our lives, including our physical and emotional well being!

In the past 3 years I have had 6 friends come down with severe health challenges. One of them died at age 52, two lost their source of income, two lost their businesses, one was okay financially but had to go back to work too soon. We never know what is going to happen in our lives. We need to create financial options in our lives BEFORE we need them.

It's amazing to me that people have a spare tire; just in case, they have medical insurance; just in case, they have home insurance; just in case......why not create an additional source of income; JUST IN CASE?

owning a business

One of my favorite sayings is “Build your raft before you need it!"  There are many, many different types of income streams that you can create -- Whatever you chose, chose something.

Our economy has changed so much in the past 10 years that we need to make sure that we do not fall into the economic trap of thinking that a job is going to take care of us.  We must look at financial options today, looking at what Robert Allen talks about in his book “Multiple Income Streams." 


  1. Whatever career or business you decide to pursue, make sure you research what kind of life you will live if you pursue that type of career or business. 
  2. I recommend that people utilize jobs to obtain the training they need to start their own businesses ventures. Don't get caught in the trap of working forty years for someone else's dreams to realize that at the end of life you have really never lived the one you wanted to live.
  3. Remember working a job is working for, "One time money." When I counsel women today, we mostly talk about how to create on-going residual income. Whether you choose a traditional business, franchise, network marketing or direct sales business is your choice of course, what you want to make sure is that somewhere you are creating money that will come in if you cannot work or choose not to work!

In the next issue we are going to start to look at how we can DESIGN THE LIFE WE WANT TO LIVE.  If you are looking for ways to change or upgrade your life to the BIG life, that is one where your FAITH, FITNESS, FAMILY, FINANCES, FRIENDS, FUN, FASHION and FUTURE are all working in accordance with THE LIFE WE WANT TO LIVE.  When all these areas are working we are LIVING FULFILLED.

I’d love to hear from you about how you are going to live your BIG life and if there is anything I can do to help! Feel free to contact me with your questions, comments and concerns at




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about denice kennedy

Denice labels herself a Lifestyle Navigator. She has owned several businesses over the past 25 years and each of them have brought her closer to what she loves to do, that is to mentor individuals in creating the lifestyle of their dreams.  She lives in So. California with her husband Ken, she has two daughters and four beautiful grandchildren.  Being a successful wife, mother, grandmother and business owner gives Denice fulfillment in all areas of her life: Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Friends, Fun, Fashion and Future. She is currently working on her first book.


denice kennedy

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